Preconvention Submissions

Event Coordinator Emails: Preconvention Event Coordinators

To submit an entry, click the appropriate link below. (Except for Impact Video. See instructions below)

Your entry must have a cover page with the following information (for media events you can send two files. One file with the cover sheet information and the second with the media file):

  • LTC Church ID number (this is a 3 digit number you can get from your church coordinator)
  • Convention Site attending (Anatole, DFW Hyatt, Downtown Dallas Hyatt or International)
  • Church name
  • Church city
  • Name and grade of all participants
  • Contact email address
  • Title of Submission

File name must be first and last name of one student and the church name and city. 

Audio Broadcast
Short Film
Song Writing
Video Bible Drama


Impact Video

Upload the video to YouTube and put NTLTC 2018 somewhere in the video description. Send an email with link and a brief description of the video to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include the information listed above in the email.