2018 NTLTC Scholarship Instructions

Deadline for Application:  February 23, 2018


To apply for an NTLTC Scholarship you must be a senior and a registered student in the 2018 NTLTC Convention. The scholarships are for those who have demonstrated leadership in church, school and community. You are required to send two references recommending you for a scholarship—one from a church leader and one from a school or community leader. How well you describe your leadership contributions will be a very important factor. Participation in an activity is not evidence of leadership.


NTLTC Honor Scholarships

Richard Parker, Elaine Shaver and David Shelburne Scholarships are given to honor their example of service and leadership. This award is based on a student’s Christian example, financial need, and demonstrated leadership qualities.   Two Parker Scholarships are awarded each year.  The Shaver Scholarship will be awarded to a female applicant and the Shelburne Scholarship will be awarded to a male applicant.


Christian College Scholarships  

NTLTC awards scholarships from Abilene Christian University, Harding University, Oklahoma Christian University, Lubbock Christian University and Sunset International Bible Institute. Each school provides NTLTC with a certificate that is  placed in the awards packet for the appropriate church. The scholarship from one school will not transfer to a different school.


You will submit the name of one school you are planning to attend. If you are not attending one of the five Christian Colleges above, you will be considered for the Parker, Shaver and Shelburne Scholarships. If you are attending one for the schools mentioned above you will be considered for the Parker, Shaver and Shelburne Scholarships and the Christian School you name. If you name more than one school we will consider you for the first school listed.


Checklist for Application:

  1. Write an essay describing your leadership contributions to your church, school, and community.  The essay must also contain a cover letter with the following information:

Your Name

NTLTC Church name and Church city

School you plan to attend

Your email address


  1. Save this essay and cover letter using your first and last name as the file name. Accepted formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
  2. Visit the NTLTC website at www.ntltc.org and click the link to 2018 Scholarship Application.
  3. Double check you have include all information requested. Click the link to submit your file. Upload the appropriate file.
  4. Direct the individuals writing your letters of reference to the www.ntltc.org.  Under the Scholarships section on the homepage, have them select the “Scholarship Recommendation” link. 
  5. The person completing the recommendation will be directed to a link where they may upload your recommendation. The letter must contain your full name and an email address for the person submitting the recommendation. The file name must be your name followed by their first initial and last name. Accepted formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf.

For questions concerning scholarships, contact Sean Fitzgerald:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.